HUNGERFF Announces “Re-Quel Week” on HUNGERFF.COM!

HUNGERFF Announces “Re-Quel Week” on HUNGERFF.COM!

“Re-Quel Week”, which pays homage to some of his most famous viral videos, begins with multiple updates on June 16th.

“As my site gets ready to turn a year old in July, I’ve spent a lot of time recently reflecting back on my career in this business.” HungerFF continued, “I’ve had all these insane, crazy moments and videos that have gone mega-viral, including most recently the “Dumpling Video” which blew up and trended on Twitter. I wanted to do something to sort of celebrate those moments and also show how I’ve grown as a content creator over the last five years.”

Larry Shockey, owner of Fist Fest, commented on one of those viral videos by saying, “I’ll never forget the day Ryan hopped on the back of that truck in the parking lot at our event and took an arm deep fisting in front of a crowd of shocked onlookers. Fist Fest was never the same after that. The attention that video brought to the event was remarkable.”

Following the release of the “Infamous Pickup Truck” video, attendance at Fist Fest skyrocketed and the event added two additional weekends throughout the year to accommodate demand.

“Re-Quel Week” sees HungerFF recreating his classic pick-up truck scene with frequent collaborator RaunchyWolf1 and newcomer Wrecked It Ralph. In addition, the performer teamed back up with PumperMike67 and TimmyPH to film a follow up to his iconic scene, “Clash of The Titans.”

These scenes, divided into four parts, will be released on HUNGERFF.COM on June 16th and June 19th, 2022. The original films, shot in 2018, are currently available for streaming now. Additional retrospective projects, including a collaboration with fisting icon Matthias Von Fistenberg, will be announced soon.

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