Axel Abysse

Axel Abysse is a French filmmaker and performer based in Tokyo, Japan.

Born in the southern French countryside, Axel is an introverted and unconfident kid who dwells on his dreams and gives shape to his fantasies through writing or drawing on sketchbooks.

His artistic interests soon lead him to pornography, as his body grows and manifests his first sexual pulsions.

While studying arts and focusing on cinematography in Paris, Axel takes his first fist at age 18. Needless to say, he never went back.

After relocating to Japan, he explores photography, using his obscene self as a model. Surprised, yet aroused by the warm reaction of hundreds of admirers on the Internet, he decides to share what he calls “his curse” with the world. Abysse is born.

Embracing exhibitionism as an excuse to practice his self-taught filmmaking skills, Axel Abysse uploads a video in 2014. This is the first of a long series of somewhat experimental and pornographic pieces in which the performer explores the art of fisting, alone or with partners from all over the world.

His work getting more attention over the months, he’s invited by renowned studios to perform in the USA.

In 2017, Axel decides to fully embrace his both creative and sexual passions and launches

Thanks to the success of his production, he has been touring the world, constantly filming with the most talented pigs and performing at some of the biggest fetish events. The curse became a blessing.