Deluxe Bulldog Harness



Ready to rock some gear that won’t make you look like you came off a leather assembly line? CockeEyeKink is a company we are THRILLED to partner with to offer here on some really cutting edge, unique, high quality luxury leather harnesses. Using the finest quality materials, and boasting the only harnesses on the market featuring true water cut back plates and front clasp enameled accents, CockEyeKink is a brand we truly believe in and have been wearing ourselves for years. Please note: When you purchase one of these harnesses from us, any Customer Service issues will be directed back to CockEyeKink (we trust them fully and know they will take amazing care of you if an issue arises). Are you interested in something more customized or unique to your style or kink? Colors you might not see here? Please reach out and let us know what you’d like ahead of time and we can work with you to create something truly one of a kind. Upon receipt of your order, you’ll be contacted by e-mail by CockEyeKink for exact measurements required to make your piece. Materials used in manufacturing this harness include Stainless Steel, Genuine Leather and Aluminum.


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